Project laMB is a blessing and storytelling ministry. Its foundation comes from Romans 12:6-13. It calls us, as God’s people, to use the talents we have been given to genuinely love and serve others in need. But does this mean we all need to pack up and go to Africa… or wait ten years until our lives are in order… or have a million dollars? No. God is calling you now, to make a difference right where you are.

Project laMB was inspired by the spirit of Mary Beckwith, who showed us that no matter what your circumstances, God wants to use you and your story to bless others. He wants you to laMB ’em.

So here’s how it works. Think about your gifts. Think about what you enjoy doing. Think about your daily routines and where you spend your time. Think about how God has blessed you. No really, spend some time praying about what God has blessed you with and ask why God has placed you where you are at. It’s important. This all begins with prayer. Prayer is how we become aware of the opportunities around us.

Now start thinking about all the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. They are many. Every time you go to the grocery store or run in for a coffee. Think about where you work, where you get your lunch, and who sits next to you on an airplane. Consider the people you stand in line with at the movies and those you sit next to in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. God commands us to love our neighbors. When we pass by or ignore these people we are passing by or ignoring God’s calling for our lives. Those people aren’t there by accident. It is our job to bless them by spreading the gospel through love by laMB’n ’em.

Here at project laMB, we want you to act right where you are. If you can only afford to buy the person behind you a cup of coffee, then do so. If you can buy them a house, by all means, DO IT. If you can go to far reaches of the world to spread the gospel, do it. But if you are only able to go next door for a visit, then go and laMB ’em.

But it doesn’t end there. We want to hear your story. So after you do whatever it is that you are going to do, write to us and we will share you story.

    Our Vision is to see Christians from all walks of life, using their own unique personalities and abilities to spread the love of Jesus to people all around them by laMB’n ‘em.

    Our Mission is spread the gospel by using the individual gifts God gave us and to encourage and motivate others to use their gifts to share the gospel.

    We are speaking in Custer SD, at Crossroads Church this Sunday!

    Praying for Grayson, a 4-year-old who received a laMB recently. He is going through chemo and radiation for an in operable brain tumor.

    This Easter think about giving a laMB as you share Christ's Love with someone! Please contact us if you need a laMB!.

    Project laMB is praying for Kamryn who is fighting childhood cancer!